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Daily Fitness Journal

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Product Description

Including classic logging fields such as distance, pace, time, and notes, Chi Living's exercise log also encourages users to take their experience a step further and write about their Body Sense after each workout, including any challenges or breakthroughs. The "dateless" feature gives users the ultimate flexibility in assigning calendar dates to entries, allowing them to make use of the entire journal.

The log also asks users to think about what phase of training or exercise you're currently in, complementing the phases of our Training Programs. Unlike other logs, this includes an End-of-Week Review, for users to:

  • Add up stats to see weekly and year-to-date totals
  • Keep track of shoe mileage
  • Log weight and BMI
  • Assess their week's progress and make goals for the upcoming week

The Appendices in this log provide users with:

  • Vision, Goals and Assessments Worksheet to make sure you're on target with your vision?
  • Km/Miles conversion chart
  • Race log - to keep track of yearly race history
  • Weekly Data Chart - users can use the End-of-Week Review to populate this unique chart to graph weekly mileage and weight.
  • Chi Walking Exercise Chart - Walkers can use this chart as a guidelines for determining the best kind of workout for their current fitness level

Any exercise enthusiast, from the fitness walker to the experienced marathoner will find useful tools, charts and guidelines in the dateless Chi Running & Chi Walking Daily Exercise Log.

Dimensions: 6X9", spiral bound with spinal cover