This tiny tool produces huge results! Highly recommended for both runners and walkers.

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"...I find the metronome to be the one thing that has helped me the most to progress in my running..." - S.K. Sherman, Pennsylvania

Taking the optimal number of strides each minute during your runs or walks is the key to less fatigue, faster pace, and fewer injuries. Keeping a quick, consistent cadence with the metronome allows all the elements of the Chi techniques to fall into place, helping you move in a smooth, unified way. Become the most efficient runner or walker on the block with the metronome.

This tiny tool produces huge results:

  • Reduce stress on leg joints and muscles
  • Get faster with less effort
  • Improve efficiency while reducing fatigue
  • Enjoy incredible “aha” moments as your technique transforms
  • Clips onto clothing; size: 2 1/4”L x 2”D x 1”W
  • Includes volume control, clock, memory function, and lithium battery
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